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How do I Submit a Need with Sedera?

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1. Log in to your Sedera portal.


2. Please confirm your banking information.

Sedera will send you payment to the bank account listed. If it's not documented, you'll need to do this before continuing with submitting a Need.

3. When visiting your provider, tell them you are a cash pay patient.

If possible, pay your IUA of $1,500 and request an itemized billing statement reflecting your payment.

(What is an IUA?)

(What is an itemized billing statement?)

Sedera - how to submit a need
Sedera - how to submit a need
Sedera - how to submit a need

4. In the Member Portal, select “Needs Management” from the side menu.

  • Then select, “ADD A NEW NEED.”


  • Select which Member on your membership the submitted Need is for, then confirm that the contact information is correct.

  • Then, enter the details of your Need and the prognosis you received from your doctor.

  • This prompt asks if the condition was pre-existing prior to your Sedera membership start date. Click “YES” or “NO” and then “NEXT.”

  • There’s a prompt asking if any other entities will pay for a portion of your bill.

  • To authorize our trusted bill negotiations partners to contact providers on your behalf, please sign our Member Release Authorization.

    1. If you would like someone else, for example a spouse, to be able to discuss your medical bills, you can add that representative in the last box on this page.

  • Attach any invoices you may have received. You can upload related bills in the future to your Need by clicking on it on the Needs Management tab.

Sedera - how to submit a need

5. You will receive an email confirmation once your Need has been submitted.

Keep an eye out for future emails from your Sedera Needs Coordinator who will help you with your Need going forward.

*Take a look at the Medical Concierge tab too, this is where you can connect

with a Member Services Advisor to request information about best value

providers in your area.


We also recommend finding the “How to Sedera” tab which holds resources

for guiding you through specific medical events as well as informative videos.

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