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About Us

Covenant Services is a human resources outsourcing firm headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. We have provided results-focused HR services to clients across the country since 2017, specializing in payroll, risk and safety management, benefits, and additional HR solutions to reduce costs and create high-performance organizations.

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Insurance Questions

  • Health

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • Life


  • Disability

  • Accident Insurance

  • Critical Illness

  • Hospital Indemnity



A financial tool that helps employee improve their financial well-being


Gold's Gym

Access to Gold's Gym Corporate discounts 

T'risean Starks -  Director of Benefits

Vanessa Rodriguez – Benefits Administration Manager

Lisa Cortinas – Benefits Account Manager 

Soledad Martinez – Benefits Account Manager 

Vianka Moreno - Benefits Specialist II 

Lori Apeaz – Benefits Department Assistant 

Betty Garcia – Benefits Reconciliation Specialist


We are the dedicated support team for both clients and employees, providing top-notch customer service and help desk assistance.

  • Pay Stub Inquiries

  • Reprinting of W2 or 1099's

  • Pay rate changes & W-4s

  • Employee Changes

  • Employee Portal Issues

  • Tax Assistance

  • Position & Department Approval

  • Verification of Employment

  • Status Changes

  • Direct Deposit Updates

  • Direct Deposit Authorization

  • Terminations

  • Help Desk

  • Portal Training

Lannett Rios - Director of Employee Services

Nancy Holguin - Employee Service Manager

Eryca Constancio - Employee  Service Admin

Stephanie Guerrero - Employee Service Admin

Joe Gonzalez - Receptionist


Our department makes sure new employees are introduced to the company and its policies with ease. Our services include​: 

  • Onboarding Link Request Submittal

  • Data Entry for new employees

  • New Employee Entry

  • Existing Employee Assistance

  • Employment Authorization Assistance

  • Direct Deposit Assistance for New Hires

  • I9 Approval

  • Identification Authorization Coordination

  • Client Service Coordination

  • Reporting for Clients

  • Coordination of Onboarding for New Clients

  • Timeclock Assignment and Assistance

  • WOTC Management

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